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How to use Facebook video downloader ?

As all the website of video downloader, we are also makes simple way to download video from facebook.

copy your fb URL link from facebook and paste it on the put url bar of facebookvideodownloader but we have some strict policies for download any commercial video which is unauthorize to download by facebook.

if you are here to download facebook video for your whatsapp or other social media status.

download unlimited facebook video from our facebook video downloader. and you can download instagram video from instagram video downloader


is it legal to download facebook video ?

yes it is completely legal to download facebook video and use in your status in different platform. as long as you do not use them in any commercial purpose or any other ads, or youtube video. 

you only can use them ono-commercial platform and your entertainment.

Other download facebook video features ?

We provide high quality video download facilities, download best quality fb video from facebook video downloader.

Download fb video as much you want to, with simple three steps. 

No need to add any EMAIL or phone number for using our downloader site.

we delete all your data from our database as soon as you leave our website, its a strict and programmed command by our coder in the system , there is no control for us to access the data, 

So we do not support any type of violation of privacy and we protect our users information and location.

you can use the downloader in any other device like PC , iphone , mac , android and others devices.

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and also you can use the platform in other browsers perfectly, as this is a web service so, you can use in any other devices and other browsers,

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